The B.E.D. Conference

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The B.E.D. Conference

There was a time in history when birth was considered a normal human phenomenon: a miraculous phenomenon, of course, but a normal one. Women supported other women in their journey to become mothers. Pregnancy was a time when one learned to trust her own body. Women were encouraged to find their inner strength; to KNOW, wholeheartedly, that they were capable. As a result, babies were born surrounded by generations of knowledge, experience, and wisdom. Babies were born to empowered mothers. The BED Conference aims to create a new generation of empowered mothers. Our Ted-style talks are specifically designed to help you sort through the endless influx of information, erase unfounded fears, and inspire you to emerge as the Pregnant-Warrior-Goddess that you are meant to be. Because Mama, you CAN do this.


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